My favourite mobile app

August 15, 2018 Leave a comment

If anyone is a fan of Chinese novels but can’t read Chinese and rely on Google translate or other translator like me, I highly recommend this app to you. This is areally useful app for people who can’t read Chinese well or at all but wants to.

This app works offline too. All you need to do is get hold of the text files and convert it to UTF-8 format and save to your local drive load the file and voila you’re ready to go. This app works good for people who at least understand Chinese or understand pinyin but just can’t read Chinese text well or not at all.

If you prefer to read online you can do so too just copy the text and load it to Pinyiner.

Best of all this app is free but since I really liked it and found it useful I bought the paid version to support the developer.

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Broken hens

April 29, 2018 Leave a comment

Broken Clouds, 27°C

Finally glued back my broken Happy Hens. The pink one would have been perfect if I didn’t forget to glue the smaller piece first 😭

My poor fingers … coz of the super glue.

Finally glued back my broken Happy Hens. The pink one would have been perfect if I didn’t forget to glue the smaller piece first 😭

My poor fingers … coz of the super glue.

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Seoul trip is finally around the corner

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

We booked our Air Asia tickets to Seoul last year in August during their launching of flights to Seoul and finally the trip is just around the corner. My last trip to Korea was way back in 1994 I think and it was for like 2 days thereabout since the tour covers Japan/Seoul. It was a reward trip from my dad for doing well for one of the major school exams. And I’ve never been back to Korea since even though I’ve been interested in all things Korean after being a k-drama addict even since before the Korean wave started.

Am in the midst of packing and it’s such a headache trying to pack light in view of the weather which is still seemingly cold due to world climate change. Then thanks to the advance technology, there’s also tons of electronic devices chargers to bring along etc… We wanted to travel light just in case we have tons of things we want to buy … probably not clothing but stuffs like cosmetics/bags/household stuffs/mobile accessories etc. Can’t wait to try out all the yummy Korean food we only get to see on tv programs. I think it’s not only going to be our luggage that will be overweight. =X

Here’s hoping I can find the time to blog about my trip this time. It would be great being able to read back about our first free and easy trip to Seoul & Jeju Island in years to come.

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My New Love – White Sony Vaio CW26

May 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally bought my new laptop! Been relying on my desktop since I’m laptopless after quitting the last job that actually provides me with one. It’s so much fun being mobile around the house.

Was debating between the Fujitsu Lifebook LH-700 and the Sony Vaio CW26 but decided that the latter is more value for money. Besides upon closer look at the LH-700 … I didn’t like the metallic parts of the design and it’s more expensive than the Sony Vaio overall. I love how pretty this notebook is and it’s superfast compared to my desktop which actually needs upgrading.

I had pictures of Moon Geun Young & Chun Jung Myung from Cinderella Sister as my wallpaper. Can’t believe this drama is going to end next week. This week’s episode finally rewarded us with the KH we knew in Episode 1 to 4. If he had stayed consistently this charming … EJ would have melted into a puddle long ago. <_<

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To pepper or not …

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Ughhh!!! I hate it when people put pepper on whatever food they are selling. Pepper are for soups or when I’m eating black pepper something but not on my wanton noodles! Besides, I don’t need you to decide how much pepper I should eat!! -_-

Anyway, I’ll calm myself & listen to F-iv Ring … love that song and it’s just so catchy. It’s kind of sad the group disbanded after like only 2 albums?

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Loveholic’s Loveholic was such an addicting song…

and still is. The song kept playing over and over in my head when I first heard it back when it’s released. This is like my favorite song from Loveholic.

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NRG – Hit Song brought back memories

NRG = New Radiancy Group

I remember listening to this song back in 2003(?) when Jung shared this in the chatroom we used to have back in the good old days. Love how catchy it is back then and I still love it now. Good old school kpop. Watching the video now make me laugh though. I’ve seen Lee Sung Jin around in some entertainment programme recently but didn’t realize he was one of the singer in NRG until I heard it mentioned and I totally have no idea that Chung Myung Hoon is a member of any popgroup until now. Yeah yeah … shameful I know.

Back then there are not so many English kpop or kdramas forum around so information on artists/songs/actors/actresses etc are so hard to find. This was before the Korean wave era … but by stroke of luck I came upon Soompi forum back in its heyday and met some pretty amazing folks from around the world who shared my kdrama obsessions and we had a lot of fun then. I’ve lost touch with most of them though sadly. 😦  Back then there were hardly any crazy fangirls/boys who watch dramas through their fan-colored glasses and drama discussions are really fun unlike these days where some of the discussions had me going huh and wondering if we’re even watching the same drama. =/ Difference of opinion aside but some of the posts are like really really out of the world …

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